The most beautiful trips are those that can be done even with your eyes closed

Amarsi Fragrances embody the lost emotions of an Indian spice market, a sunset over the Andean mountains, the smell of the rain forest or the magic of a gaze crossing path with a stranger. It’s all there, carried as an hidden gem through sensations on the skin.

Pink pepper, cardamom, a twist of honey, orange bergamot or Sabina wood, a variety of Pine tree typical to the Balearic Islands. A deep dive into Ibiza’s old fincas with an ancientsmell of sun and wind.

Every nuance of Amarsi Fragrances is a doorstep, the gate to new explorations,sensations, memories, allowing us to travel in our own senses and mind just by closing the eyes.

Alessandra Castelbarco

Born and raised in Milan, Alessandra Castelbarco begins her professional career as stylist, and following as fashion editor with Harper’s Bazaar and Rizzoli Group.

A free spirit, she travels extensively around the world. From South East Asia to South America, Alessandra searches and discovers the emotions and sensations of each culture, contributing to her personal evolution and vision of life.

Over 25 years ago she chooses Ibiza as her home, when the island was a true melting pot and the crossing of one of a kind people, art, culture and spirituality. There she opens and runs a small luxury hotel for almost 10 years, that becomes an iconic location after being the magic set of an important Dutch movie production.

Always fascinated by the world of scents and essences, Alessandra remembers her first experiments as a child when for fun she paints “sensorial” portraits of her family and friends by mixing and matching oils, perfume and spices that she imagines are representing people at its best.

Few years ago she moves to London to follow her daughter’s passion for performing arts. That’s the real turn-around of her passion, that becomes a new professional challenge. She joins the Experimental Perfume Club where she deepens her knowledge on molecules, essential oils, proportions and blending, and that finally translates a lifetime experience and sensorial path into her first collection of perfumes.